Write an essay based on the following chart. you should

  1) interpret the chart and

  2) give your comments.

  You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET.(15 points).

参考例文 1:

  As is clearly reflected in the above pie chart, the purpose of students travelling abroad demonstrates obvious differences in one college of China. According to the data given, the purpose of enjoying the beautiful landscape takes a comparatively large share, accounting for 37%, while that of relieving pressure also takes away 20% of the whole proportion.

  What triggers this phenomenon? It is not difficult to put forward several factors responsible for this phenomenon. To start with, with the rapid economic development of economy, people, including college students, are becoming increasingly wealthy, which enables them to afford the once-deemed- expensive oversea traveling. In order to enjoy the charming landscape all around the world, a large proportion of students choose to travel abroad. What’s more, along with the ever-accelerating improvement of economy and society is also the ever-increasing work and life pressure. Consequently, the purpose of relieving pressure ranks the second among all the purposes for folks to travel around the world.

  In view of the arguments above, we can conclude that the current phenomenon is of no surprise. And therefore, it can be predicted that admiring the scenery and alleviating pressure will still be the main purpose for people to arrange a traveling to other countries.


  今年英语二作文的题目比较好写,因为标题和图示非常清晰明白。图表显示了某高校学生旅游目的调查, 考生分析原因的话也会很简单。下面分三段简要地说一下这三段应该怎么写。


  第二段给出你的评论,主要写这种情况的原因。主要要结合图表描述的内容从两个方面写起。一方面为什么为了欣赏风景而旅行的目的占37%, 另一方面为什么缓解压力会占到33%比例。




2016 年英语(二)大作文继 2015 年之后连续第二年考查饼状图,同时,避开当年传统文化、网上购物、环境保护等几大热门话题,继2005 年MBA写作”十一黄金周”、2011年英语(一)”旅程之’余'”之后,第三次考查”旅游”这一次热门话题。体现了考研写作命题明显的反押题倾向,也表明了真题在考研写作命题中至高无上的地位!

2. 写作方法

本文首段应该简要描述图表,首句进行总体描述∶主题(旅游目的)+ 对象(某高校学生),接着进行细节描述,主要描述占比最大的两个目的(欣赏风景和缓解压力)。第二段进行因果论证,重点阐释两点原因∶ 欣赏美景与缓解压力。尾段可进行预测趋势、归纳结论或提出建议措施。


This pie chart clearly illustrates the purposes of touring for students in a certain university. As is reflected by the diagram, 37 percent of college students travel in order to appreciate the scenery. Next comes the aim of relieving pressure, accounting for 33 percent. By contrast, the percentages of students travelling aiming at other goals,making friends and cultivating independence account for 15%,9% and 6% respectively.

Several primary factors could contribute to this phenomenonIn the first place, travel can offer us a wide range of experiences.In travelling, we may join tourists marveling at the incredible power of Niagara Falls,mingle with the happy throngs strolling in the Paris boulevards and experience the bitterness and joy of people on different lands and in different times. In the second place, college students, who have to juggle academic work,romantic relationships and a busy social calendar, are particularly susceptible to pressure. By touring, they can successfully manage and reduce stress.

Taking all these factors into considerationwe may predict that with the quickening pace and ever-increasing pressure of campus life,the number of university students touring will keep growing in the forthcoming decade.


     这幅饼状图清楚地揭示了某高校大学生的旅游目的。如图表所示,37% 的大学生为了欣赏风景而旅游,接下来是为了缓解压力的目的,占了33%。相反,为了其他、广交朋友、培养独立能力旅游的大学生百分比分别各占 15%、9% 和 6%。


     考虑到所有这些因素,我们可以预计∶ 随着校园生活节奏的加快和日益增大的压力,旅游的大学生数量在未来几年将持续增加。

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